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Business & Risk Strategy Practice

Payments are a major top-line or bottom-line consideration in your business—or both.

Plan and manage strategically, using the best tools and experience available.

GVGroup analyzes payment programs, recommending strategies and tactics to boost revenue and reduce losses.

  • Market opportunity assessment and outsourcing strategies
  • Program evaluation and portfolio strategy
  • Re-engineering to improve collections efficiency and effectiveness
  • Operations and settlement risk, network management strategy, and data breach management
  • Network strategy, product and services pricing and data security management
  • Authorized assessor of Global Acquirer Risk Standards for Visa
  • Strategic pricing, foreign exchange, finance and treasury management for electronic payments
Strategy Practice Industry Leadership

- developed the most widely used profitability models
- designed fraud prevention strategies and tools
- set the standard for analytic tools
- led the charge on managing personal bankruptcy issues and improving consumer education
- worked to enhance regulatory compliance in financial services
- re-defined collections and offer treatments to enhance management, reduce losses and improve efficiency

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